La`Marvel goes ‘blue’

La`Marvel goes ‘blue’

La’Marvel becomes one of the brands in UAE launched recycle and reusable bags to curb pollution.

La’Marvel, a textile brand in UAE, launched their recycle bags to highlight their contributions to a very pertinent problem in UAE: growing population, providing consumer reusable bags as well as to amplify the blue stance the company has taken.

This initiative has already been launched by the company; the aim behind this initiative by the company is to provide reusable bags to their consumers as well as to ecofriendly environment to the UAE. This initiative by the company has also opened gate of opportunity for some employment.

The company is also working for the best interest of their consumers, consumer’s feels upbeat using reusable bags and also reusable bags reduces waste. This has helped company not only building up a strong relation with consumers but also with the society.

The initiative is becoming a huge success in terms of talkability and being appreciated across UAE since its launch. The company is not only achieving the objective of staying relevant within the blue narrative, but helped to participating for UAE to make eco-friendly environment.

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