The towel to accompany you on your travels

The towel to accompany you on your travels

Travel towels are the figurative underdogs in the bigger scheme of the towel world. Their position as the underdogs leaves them primarily ignored. Still, anyone who has used them knows their potential to be the most accessible and most convenient towels, indeed the essence of effortless reliance.

Travelling can be stressful, for when you have packed, overpacked, and rearranged your packing 1000 times, we know we have all been there. But even when going through the packing a significant number of times, most people still forget the essential components of it all Your lightweight travel towels

A lot of you might think that this is a preposterous notion; who would pack towels when you get them at every hotel or place you stay at? Why would you wanna go through that hassle? the answer is you definitely would want to go through the minute hassle for the easiest traveling experience

There is a multitude of reasons that will propel you to carry your lightweight microfiber towel, from spontaneous hiking plans to hygienic reasons:

  1. They are super fast in drying, and you can pack them for all your adventurous ventures, such as hiking, the beach, or camping in the great outdoors. 
  2. Will cut down on the added cost of renting towels at hotels, which is when you stay at budget accommodations. 
  3.  These towels are multipurpose and can be used as a pillow for your head when traveling.
  4. They are all rounder towels because of their feasibility in drying quickly and having excellent absorption. However, this is the case only when they are chosen accurately.

When you choose a traveling towel, it may get very confusing as to what is the perfect travel for you and which one best suits your needs; here are some basic pointers to follow when making that decision.

  • The pioneer question to ask is about your budget, what fabrics you can afford, and what towel you should take with you on your travels. La'Marvel offers high-quality lightweight travel towels at affordable prices.
  • What size towel do you require? Ideally, people prefer more miniature-sized towels due to ease of packing, but when you have children and a large clan, it is natural to want larger-sized towels for those bigger mess-ups!
  • What qualities in the towel do you hold the most important? It could be its 
  1. Drying time
  2. Absorption potential
  3. softness/comfort
  4. Heat retention

  • The towels cleaning guide is vital when selecting one; preferably, it should be quickly home laundered because you can't go around looking for a laundry facility when traveling. Apart from that, it would be best if you ideally looked for towels and therefore fabrics of towels that are easy to wash and dry, have quick stain removal and are resistant to harsh detergents. 
  • The towel's durability is critical; the towel must be able to tackle wear and tear, especially if you are looking for a towel for a more adventurous trip such as trekking, mountain climbing, or hiking. Even towels used for a relaxed day at the beach should take the degeneration of fabric from the sun rays and the chlorine.
  • Resistance to adour in the towel should be looked out for; who wants smelly towels anyways?

Were you planning a vacation or a getaway trip on the horizon? Now you know what should be on the top of your list of essentials when packing!

Remember, there are various choices when getting a travel towel, and La'Marvel has the finest of those picked out for you to choose from; our ultra-lightweight towels are designed for travel and are made from the fabric of the highest quality. La'Marvel ensures the delivery of all the qualities associated with a good journey in a towel in one place.

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