The Perfect Fit for Your Bed: Flat Sheet vs. Fitted Sheet

The Perfect Fit for Your Bed: Flat Sheet vs. Fitted Sheet

The Perfect Fit for Your Bed: Flat Sheet vs. Fitted Sheet

 Sleep is the most important part of our daily routine. To get a sound and comfortable sleep of 8 hours your bedsheet plays an integral role, but with ample of options available in the market how to find the perfect fit for your bed?

 The primary goal of your bedsheet is to save your skin from getting irritated and to protect your mattress from getting stains or ripped. Now which type of sheet does this and also aids in a peaceful slumber for you? This article will walk you through the available options in the market to help you decide the best fit for you.

 Flat Sheet

Flat sheet is basically a normal bedsheet that all of civilization is accustomed to. Flat bedsheets are used for multiple purposes. It is a large piece of cloth that lays flat on your bed to cover the mattress. You can either let the material lay flat with seamed edges hanging out or you can fold and tuck in the corners for a snug sheet.

However, this can be tad inconvenient if you lack time required for making your bed every morning, or are easily irritated by being engulfed with disheveled sheets whilst sleeping.

Another popular name for flat sheet is top sheet. This name stems from its usage as a protective sheet on top of a fitted sheet and under the duvet or comforter. Some consider this an absolute bedding necessity, whereas others beg to differ with the thought of using two sheets. The former use a top sheet because it prevents the main bedsheet from getting dirty. In addition to this, they can wash it every day without going through the trouble of changing their bedding regularly. You can simply fold a top sheet and lay it over your primary bedsheet after every wash. This is how a flat sheet gained popularity as a top sheet. Whether you belong to the former mindset or latter, it mainly depends on your preference and lifestyle.

 Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is an advanced variant of a regular sheet that has evolved over the years. It is designed with elastic corners made to fit your bed snugly with a tight and secure fit.

Its edges are sewn with elastic that allows you to sleep a deep slumber without waking up to a disheveled sheet, regardless of tossing and turning all night. Fitted sheets don’t require immense effort or manual labor as you can put them on easily owing to its stretchy corners. Subsequently, washing them frequently is not much trouble in contrast to flat sheets.

Unlike flat sheets, fitted sheets can’t be used for more than one purpose. It only serves as a protect layer of material for your skin against irritants and acts as a shield for your mattress against any kind of permanent damage.

Now that you are well acquainted with the purpose and differences between both types of sheets, we hope it helped you decide which is well-suited for your preference and need.

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