How to buy the perfect bedsheet for your room:  Sateen Vs Satin Vs Percale

How to buy the perfect bedsheet for your room:  Sateen Vs Satin Vs Percale

When it comes to choosing the right bed sheet  there is a lot of confusion between  Satin, Sateen  and Percale.

waHere we will discuss the difference between Sateen, Percale and  Satin  so that it can be easy for you to choose the right material for your bedsheet.

Satin VS Sateen VS Percale

First, satin is a weave that is made from synthetic material. Satin was made from 100% silk thread but now for durability, maximum shine and cost effectiveness it  is made from nylon or polyester. This is the reason why the quality of satin can vary from cheap to thick and luxurious. It is very difficult to look at the picture online and be confident about its quality without actually feeling it. This is fabric technique is widely used in Garments and consumers of bedding always get confused due to similarity of the names in Satin Vs Sateen.

Sateen, on the other hand, is mainly a technique of fabric making i.e weaving it can be made from cotton or combination of cotton like 60% cotton or 40% Polyester. Its all depend upon the brand offering to its customers, and of course the more luxurious will be 100% Cotton, It can be the closest material that can get to satin because of the sheen and its silky textured with comes because the way these fabrics are made but it’s surely not Satin. It is usually thicker and tightly woven. A high quality sateen is often very luxurious and smooth as butter or silk because it is made of cotton. It has a soft touch to it, perfect to snuggle in cold weather. Sateen sheets have a smoother finish that gives a silky feel. The best part is when its processed as Iron-Free than customer no need to ironing their lines as La’Marvel all fabrics are Easy Care wrinkle Free treated fabrics; it's a hassle free product.

Percale sheets are a must have in your bedroom. Sateen and percale sheets are made from the finest  quality but the feel of the sheets differ from each other. Percale sheets are breathable, give a matte finish  that makes the sheet little crispier than sateen with every wash. These premium quality sheets are light weight with a crisp finish. They  are made from cotton or combination of cotton that will keep you cool all night long.


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