Happy International Yoga Day!

Happy International Yoga Day!

A day to celebrate your mental and physical health and our Breathing pattern.

Yoga has always helped thousands of people for not only maintain their body but also keeping their mental health on track and most importantly improving both mental and physical health.
It is a gentle exercise for your day to day routine observed best in improvement of your back stretches and pains.
It majorly involves in right breathing pattern with the right postures and you can see the wonderful changes in your different muscles. This helps to reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility, strength, balance, and bone strength. It is especially beneficial to the muscles supporting the spine and back, like the paraspinal muscles, which bend your spine, and the multifidus muscles, which stabilize your vertebrae.   

Here are some tips for you to improve your daily yoga practicing:

Be Consistent:
First basic and most important tip is to be consistent with your yoga. Don’t be an over enthusiast to start your yoga in full energy but it won’t make any difference if you’re going to leave it in between.
Be consistent with your exercise.

Stay Hydrated:
It’s difficult to sip-in water during the yoga session so try to stay hydrated and you will start noticing a huge difference between the hydrated yoga and de-hydrated yoga session.

Improve your Yoga practice:
You can easily improve your yoga practice by taking online sessions or attending yoga workshops. Practicing new tricks and tips can be very beneficial.

Your Yoga Track:
Keep a yoga journal with you to track your yoga days and the improvement you feel every day.
Taking a few moments before or after your yoga practice to reflect is a great ritual for developing insight into your work both on and off the yoga mat.

Yoga in your everyday life:
Real achievement is when you start practicing yoga in your everyday life by increasing the mental peace. Stay calm no matter how much furious you are from inside and be patient with your work and personal life

Yoga is not only a trendy exercise but it was formed for improving your mental and physical health thousands years ago and are meant to add meaning to your life.
Do you regularly think about how you can bring more mindfulness, compassion, and awareness to your lifestyle, habits, relationships, diet, and work.
Be consistent with yoga and try these tips. You will feel a huge difference in your everyday life.

Happy International Yoga Day! 

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